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November 30, 2008

Starry night

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For the first time in my life, I looked up into the dark sky, and I was finally able to see stars.

I mean, I usually do this many times, but I could never see anything because of an unfortunate inability to see, and my glasses were as much help as canes were to an armless man.

It’s really amazing what a fixing of prescription can do to someone- it’s like giving them vision when they were blind, and I KNOW that if I listened to everyone before I could have been spared this epihpany, that really shouldn’t be an epiphany in the first place, because really, c’mon, with enough common sense vision should be quite effortless.

But amazingly, you never know what you are missing, nor do you ever fully appreciate something until you have it, and then it goes away, or perhaps you’ve never had it, and once you do, you realize what a magical thing it is.  Vision is one of those things that people take for granted and rightfully so, I mean, how can you appreciate things you cannot compare with?  So, for me, the gradual atrophy of my sight was pretty much ignored until I got new glasses.  Until today, I just thought it was absolutely amazing how I could actually see the white board or across the room without being in its face [figure of speech].

I ate dinner at this Malaysian restaurant today, and it was the second dinner I ate without my mom [since she’s in the land down under, and all].  After we drove back home, I walked out of the car and looked up into the sky.  Given any other time before this, I would’ve seen a blackish blueish sky with sprays of opaque gray.  I would’ve mistakened an airplane bounded for San Fransisco has a falling star and wished on the dozens of passengers in there as a deity granting me a wish.

So when I looked up in the sky, and say those brilliant dots in the sky…

Wow.  Spectacular.  Magical.  Beautiful.  Staggeringly breath-taking.

I hope everyone gets the chance to look at stars in the sky.  It is the most humblest and most empowering of experiences, even if it happens everyday [except for those Alaskans].  It makes you feel so small, so tiny, so powerless, so…human.  And at the same time, to be allowed to appreciate something like this inspires something inside of you.

Of course, I’m speaking for myself because this is the first time I’ve ever seen something like this, and given that I don’t live in a polluted and disgusting industrial complex, I can actually see the sky.  So, this lesson is, don’t rape Mother Earth and stop and smell the roses.


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